Youth- Select/Competitive- Team Registration will be back October 2020!

All players will need a Membership Player Card.
Please select the Membership tab above for details.

Youth (Select/Competitive- Team Registration):
This is for Select/Competitive players who sign up as a team already formed. Offer U7-U15 Boys and Girls.
U16+ typically plays in the High School divisions. 

Would You Like To Join A Team?
Are you an individual looking to join
a team? Please select the link

All information can be found on registration form

PLAYER CARD REMINDER All players except Kids Kickers will need a player card. We have a brand new player card program which means ALL players will need to fill out a new waiver and follow these steps:
1. Fill out waiver (Parent MUST sign if under 18 years of age) NO EXCEPTIONS.
2. Show ID.  This can be a Birth Certificate, Drivers License, Outdoor Players Card, or Insurance Card with birth date.
3. $5 Annual fee.
Once you pay the fee player cards can be used for multiple sessions on multiple teams until August 31st with no additional fees.
REFEREE FEES: Referee fees will be paid directly to the referee each game ($8-Adults/HS), ($6 Youth), ($0-Kickers)-